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eulogy of my first glass pipe

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i got you at that little hippie shop on the east side. it was a mellow, humid summer day.

the inside of the shop was painted in mossy green frames around large built-in glass casings. all manner of beads, sarongs, and what i assume were sea creature parts, dangled from the ceiling. as i foraged through the patchouli scented jungle, i realized i wanted my own pipe. i wouldn’t have to share my college girlfriend’s pipe anymore.

yeah, so i liked that one.

it was a really fun day. i was in high spirits bringing my new pipe home on the bus. it was a rose gold color. the neck was completely twisted like a corkscrew. it was proportionate. it was perfect and shiny and clear.

pipe, we shared many good times.  i wish i had a photo of you but i *just* (wisely, i thought) deleted the photo from my snapchat memories the week before.

before i smashed you on the kitchen floor by accident. and then you were in four pieces. and i super-glued you together overnight, but saw a cyanide warning on the glue bottle in the morning…




munching on mindy’s edibles

hey guys it’s nicole — sometimes i’m looking for more of a body feel that won’t affect my alertness.

edibles are pretty great for that. i can slip a hard candy into my purse and pop it when i feel uncomfortable. that candy is like modest mouse and we all float on…

i’ve tried the key lime and strawberry sparkling wine flavors of mindy’s hard candies. the key lime is a little more flavorful and tangy, while the strawberry has a lighter, subtle sweetness. they come in these cute retro tins.

mindy herself is a badass and self-proclaimed mistress of deliciousness. i support it.

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