i was about to grind up my nighttime hybrid, when i realized i had nowhere to put the morning sativa that was totally already in my grinder.  nooo~! but… from necessity, comes invention.

that’s when i discovered these chewing gum jars are how to make a cannabis container in just a few easy steps. they are to DIY for! it’s a recycled craft, you guys. this is everything.  a cute canna craft!

it’s poppin’

DIY cannabis container

prep time: ~1 min  —  skill level: have peeled labels off beer bottles before

materials needed:

  • orbit gum container (you must have chewed all the gum. if you haven’t already, then shove the last 5 pieces in your mouth like i did, and enjoy the MEGA-GUM.)
  • small label sticker
  • sharpie pen


  1. tear all of the labeling off the orbit container. it’s just thin plastic, so it should be EZ.

    classic bubblegum, but minty in case of makeouts

  2. peel the other sticker label off the top of the lid of the container.
  3. place your own small label sticker in that spot on the lid. bonus points if it’s cute.
  4. write the name of your strain.

    i’m blou da ba di da ba di



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