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canna craft: DIY container

i was about to grind up my nighttime hybrid, when i realized i had nowhere to put the morning sativa that was totally already in my grinder.  nooo~! but… from necessity, comes invention.

that’s when i discovered these chewing gum jars are how to make a cannabis container in just a few easy steps. they are to DIY for! it’s a recycled craft, you guys. this is everything.  a cute canna craft!

it’s poppin’

DIY cannabis container

prep time: ~1 min  —  skill level: have peeled labels off beer bottles before

materials needed:

  • orbit gum container (you must have chewed all the gum. if you haven’t already, then shove the last 5 pieces in your mouth like i did, and enjoy the MEGA-GUM.)
  • small label sticker
  • sharpie pen


  1. tear all of the labeling off the orbit container. it’s just thin plastic, so it should be EZ.

    classic bubblegum, but minty in case of makeouts

  2. peel the other sticker label off the top of the lid of the container.
  3. place your own small label sticker in that spot on the lid. bonus points if it’s cute.
  4. write the name of your strain.

    i’m blou da ba di da ba di



three lipsticks that won’t come off on your bowl

there’s seemingly nothing that skeeves out your BFF like when you pass back the bowl and there are some… ~romantic traces~ of your lipstick leftover.

some people (who should date me) think lipstick marks are sexy and cute, but WHATEVER i guess not everyone wants secondhand urban decay on themselves. understandable.

urban decay vice in naked

this one i wear every day, and the shade is literally ‘naked’ so when your friends point out that there is ‘ew, lipstick’, you can deny deny deny, because ‘it’s a nude lipstick, duh. it’s like, invisible.’

palladio in rose bud

this is classy, right?

don’t do this. sticky red lipstick. this is from my courtney love babydolls + cardis to the office phase. i was in the middle of the kashdashian style 4 month blonde-ing so my hair was this caramel macchiato brown color.

the trick for this to not come off on your bowl is to smear it almost off with all the receipts you can find in your jeep, over your lunch break.

then just reapply it when you’re done taking a few hits. you can use this tactic with your favorite shade of lipstick that’s totally gonna get on your bowl anyway. maybe eventually it will melt in your car.

baby lips in quenched

checkout line temptation

this one REALLY! IS! INVISIBLE! … except for the sticky residue and the sexy beach baby ‘sun tan lotion but sweeter’ smell. cat hair might stick to your bowl after this.

so there you have it babes, three ways that the bowl issss… still gonna be kinda weird after you put your goddesslike lips on it, whatever, GIRL POWER!

munching on mindy’s edibles

hey guys it’s nicole — sometimes i’m looking for more of a body feel that won’t affect my alertness.

edibles are pretty great for that. i can slip a hard candy into my purse and pop it when i feel uncomfortable. that candy is like modest mouse and we all float on…

i’ve tried the key lime and strawberry sparkling wine flavors of mindy’s hard candies. the key lime is a little more flavorful and tangy, while the strawberry has a lighter, subtle sweetness. they come in these cute retro tins.

mindy herself is a badass and self-proclaimed mistress of deliciousness. i support it.

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